Our Philosophy

Our practice is based on the midwifery model of care which is woman centered, and recognizes pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding as inherently healthy processes. It is based on the understanding that these are profound experiences which carry significant meaning for a woman, her family and her community. It is traditionally wholistic and grounded in the principles of health and well-being.

Midwife means “with woman”. We believe that each woman and each birth is unique, and as such must be respected and supported. Birth is something that women do, not something that happens to them.

The emotional needs of a woman have a very real impact on the well-being of her baby. Prenatal visits within the midwifery model tend to be longer, allowing for more time to address questions and concerns. The midwifery model of care recognizes the importance of nutrition as a way to prevent the most common complications of pregnancy. It emphasizes the importance of companionship and encouragement during labour as a way to minimize technological interventions in the birth process. It does not impose arbitrary time limits on natural processes. Within the midwifery model, medical intervention is not viewed as appropriate unless it is truly necessary. It also recognizes that in some cases medical intervention may sometimes be necessary and it will be applied appropriately in those cases.