Client Testimonials

First baby, born at home: "How can we thank you enough? You made our experience of bringing Terrence into the world so positive and fulfilling. We will remember his birth at home as one of the best days of our lives. And never ,for a moment, did we feel scared or panicked when you were with us. What you do is invaluable. Thank you."

- Ariel and Ty

Second Baby, born at home: "Thank goodness for women like you who help women like me to have the births we want. You’ll never know how muc h you mean to us."

- Bonnie and Edgar

First baby born in hospital: "Brendon, myself and our families thank you for all the love, support, patience, and guidance that you gave to us during our pregnancy and birth.Benjamin’s birth was the most special day of our lives and we wouldn’t have wanted that day to go any differently.We will be forever grateful to you for being such an important part of the delivery of our first born."

- Brendan, Tracy and Benjamin

First Baby born at home : "Words can’t really say thank you enough for the incredible experience we’ve had with you…you offer such a calm, reassuring presence that makes even a new mom feel confident! From our prenatal care to post partum support, we always felt this labour and birth experience was treated as a natural process –so thank you for that as well. We feel very grateful to have had the birth experience we did for our first time. All the moms, dads and babies who have been supported by you are truly blessed."

- Shelley, Dennis, and Rohan

After the births of two children at home: "To our amazing midwives... We couldn’t have done it without you!! Thank you so much for your wonderful support, care and love. Your presence and help made the births of Hannah andSamuel peaceful and joyous….you are an amazing midwife, so kind and giving..Thank you dearly."

- Simone, Gary, Samuel and Hanna